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Dr. Manish Devgan

A warm welcome to all of you.

In the 21'st century, the priorities and challenges facing pharmacy and healthcare, in general, have changed considerably in all parts of the world. The pharmacist should be concerned that about a third of world's population still lacks access to essential drugs, that about half a billion persons contact malaria every year and more than one million people die every year from tuberculosis because of drug related problems, for which pharmacists should assume responsibility. Of course, pharmacy as a profession too has its own limitations in trying to meet these challenges.

A mutual linkage exists between the profession of pharmacy and the schools of pharmacy that prepare future pharmacists. It is therefore appropriate and compelling that a right fit exists between the needs of the society with regards to pharmaceutical services and knowledge, the aspirations of the profession as a whole and the capabilities and philosophies of schools of pharmacy who must produce graduates capable of responding to the challenges of society's needs and professional evolution.

Pharmacy institutions are responsible for preparing students to enter into a career in pharmacy and function as professionals and responsible citizens in changing health care systems. Fulfilling these functions require a dynamic, challenging and comprehensive curriculum which includes a foundation in the biological, biomedical, clinical, pharmaceutical and physical sciences, clear focus on application and use of knowledge in practical settings, and a general education in healthcare systems, ethics, management, professional issues, communication and practical skills.

As a member of healthcare team, pharmacists are unique in their detailed and comprehensive understanding of physical, chemical and biological interactions on the outcomes of drug therapy. Pharmacists in all settings require an understanding of the chemistry of drug entities, the delivery characteristics of dosage formulations, the disposition of drugs within the body, the physiological and pharmacological outcomes of drug interactions and aspects of modern drug development, production and quality assurance that are the basis for expertise in all aspect's of medication.

Keeping the above trends and requirements in mind, Bahra Institute of Pharmacy, Patiala have followed the curriculum for under graduate programme on pharmaceutical Sciences (B.Pharm) from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. The curriculum also incorporates the components of problem solving and case study wherever possible and project works in the areas of specialization.

We will strive hard to create an excellent teaching learning environment and see that the students will be able to unfold their potential, closely interact with the faculty and visiting scientists from the pharmaceutical industries from time to time and participate actively in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Our heartiest welcome to all new aspirants of pharmacy in our Institution.

Bahra Institute of Pharmacy
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